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Welcome to Mangonui Concrete

Mangonui Concrete is a business specialising in concrete construction and site work, and has been operating since 1997. Mangonui Concrete provides residential and commercial concrete work.

We specialise in concrete floors, footpaths, driveways, pool floors and pool surrounds, paving and tilt slab panels. We offer free quotes and competitive rates. The business's main strength is the respectable name that has been established within the Northland Area.

Mangonui Concrete is a member of the Master Concrete Placers Association. The New Zealand Master Concrete Placers Association provides us leadership, advocacy, professional development, promotion and partnering. The member requirements to be a true 'master Concrete Placer', are a strict standard of knowledge and practical experience which must be demonstrated, both in terms of workmanship and business acumen. By setting and maintaining a high standard for membership, those who employ a master Concrete Placer to carry out their contract, can be assured of a professional job in all aspects of their dealings from quotation through to back-up service.

Mangonui Concrete has proven its quality of work, and the workmanship of its employees at each job that has been undertaken.

Why Choose Us?

Peter Sainsbury (Owner/Operator) was one of the first in New Zealand to gain the National recognition in Concrete Construction. Peter provides a high quality standard, and all work is guaranteed. Peter is honest and reliable, has good communication skills and provides high quality workmanship. He has many years of knowledge and experience. Peter will work with you and alongside you to get the finish you desire. Peter loves a challenge!